Furniture's appearance can become dull over time due to body oils, spills, and dirt.  It's a great idea to get your furniture cleaned to keep it looking great and lasting longer.  We offer multiple options such as steam cleaning, (VLM) very low moisture, and dry cleaning.  Deodorization and fabric protector are also available.

Upholstery Cleaning of Sofa Cushion
Upholstery Cleaning Process


The furniture will be thoroughly vacuumed when needed.  I will vacuum when there is a lot of pet hair or debris.


A cleaning agent will be misted onto the entire area of the furniture to be cleaned and then scrubbed with a soft horse-hair brush.  This will help break up dirt and oils.

Stain Removal

For any tough stains, I will treat them with the appropriate stain removal agent.  This does not guarantee that all stains can be removed.

Steam Extraction

Up to 200-degree water will be used to rinse the furniture clean of cleaning agents, dirt, and oils leaving the furniture fresh and clean.


After I am done cleaning, I will brush all the fibers in the appropriate direction leaving the furniture in great condition.